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Palestine Relief Fund

Posted in Palestine We Are With You by alfahd on 2009/01/13

palestine-relief-fundWe appeal to concerned Malaysians to send in cash donations.

MERCY Malaysia’s basis of assistance to the beneficiaries relies on the support and generosity of individuals such as you to contribute to the PALESTINE RELIEF FUND.

It will support our efforts to procure emergency surgical kits, additional medicine and hospital equipment which will be channeled to the affected communities in Gaza.


Cheque payable to MERCY MALAYSIA
CIMB Account No : 1424-000-6561053


MAYBANK Account No : 5621 7950 4126

Gaza We Are With You


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  1. saiful said, on 2009/01/15 at 10:50

    there have nothing we can do, accept doa, boikot, demo, fund after that what else? moga allah merahmati dan memberkati usaha sekecil ini, lemah iman kita, bukan sejauh mana ia memberi kesan tp sejauh mana usaha kita mengambil iktibar dari kisah burung yg membawa air dalam paruhnya semata untuk memadam api yg membakar nabi ibrahim, sedang cicak pada waktu itu ketawa mengekek, bila ditanya kepada burung apa jawapannya “aku takut bila ditanya di hadapan Allah nt apa usaha yg aku lakukan, jd aku boleh menjawab di hadapan allah bawaha aku telah berusaha untuk memadam api ini”

    semoga kita terus berusaha mengikut kemampuan dan kudrat yg Allah berikan

  2. alfahd said, on 2009/01/15 at 16:16

    Takbir! Allahuakbar!!!

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