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Tiada Tuhan melainkan ALLAH

Posted in Life by alfahd on 2010/03/02

“ALLAH is not from Bahasa Malaysia. it is not a national language. It belongs to the language of muslims all over the world. Therefore your argument using this for the word ALLAH does not fit in your idea of God. Because ALLAH does not have a son. It is not one of three (Trinity), that is why out of respect to ALLAH we can’t allow you to use this..

We agree you want to use God, then use Tuhan as we also use that… but we understand in the Malay language that Tuhan is not a translation of ALLAH..that is why we say “tiada Tuhan melainkan ALLAH” not “tiada Tuhan melainkan Tuhan”. We don’t say “there is no God but God” So ALLAH cannot be translated as no language has translated ALLAH.

But if they used it and said in Indonesia they have used it. why can’t we? It is because of the Muslims. If Muslims don’t care they will go on and use it..end in Indonesia they are using not only that, other things (too), they even call it “choir” as (for) “selawat”. Choir is not a “selawat”, as “selawat” is for the Prophet, it’s not singing hymm…”

Petikan daripada Professor Dr Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas                                                                                                      Seminar Worldview of Islam anjuran Assembly of Muslim Intellectuals                                                                                               13 Disember 2009